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This discography is an exhaustive attempt to catalogue recordings of the compositions of Nicolò Paganini. Sound media covered include compact discs (CD), super-audio compact discs (SACD), microgrove records (33 1/3 rpm LP and 45 rpm discs), coarsegroove  records (78 rpm discs), transcription discs, Blu-ray discs (BD), digital versatile discs (DVD), laserdiscs (LD) and VHS videos. Recordings on reel-to-reel tape, music cassettes, digital audio tape and mini-discs are not covered. Recordings are arranged into the following twelve instrumental sections:

Within each section the composition titles are listed alphabetically, and recordings are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the soloist. If a soloist has made multiple recordings of a certain piece then the recordings are listed chronologically (for example, refer to Ruggiero Ricci’s numerous recordings of the 24 Caprices in Solo Violin 1). The above section titles are pretty much self-explanatory but please note the following:

In addition to the instrumental sections described above, there are the following sections:


Entries Format

A typical entry is Yehudi Menuhin’s première recording of the First Violin Concerto. It can be found in the Concertos section under the heading Concerto No. 1 in D major, M.S. 21 (Op. 6). The entry reads as follows:

1 Menuhin, Yehudi (violin) / 2 Paris Symphony Orchestra / 3 Monteux, Pierre (conductor)

4 78 (5): 5 His Master’s Voice 6 DB 2279/83

78 (5): His Master’s Voice DB 7737/41

78 (5): RCA Victor 8379/83

78 (5): RCA Victor 8384/8

78 (5): RCA Victor DM 230 (discs 17079/83)

LP: Electrola E 91475 7[Excerpt from Rondo only]

LP: EMI 8References C051 43322

LP (3): EMI C153 52370

LP (3): EMI C175 1793

LP (3): EMI (Yehudi Menuhin: His Famous Early Recordings, 1931–38) RLS 718

LP: His Master’s Voice FALP 896 [Excerpt from Rondo only]

LP: His Master’s Voice 9 (Yehudi Menuhin at Fifty) HQM 1018 [Only a 3 minute extract from start of Rondo; extract preceded by short narration by Menuhin]

CD: ADS Records Legendary Recordings ADSLR 103

CD: Aura Music (Yehudi Menuhin Plays Paganini) AUR 228–2

CD: Biddulph Recordings LAB 051

CD: Biddulph Recordings (Menuhin Plays Paganini) LAB 102

CD: Dante (Pierre Monteux Edition: Volume 3) LYS 479

CD: EMI References CDH 5 65959 2

CD (6): EMI References (Y. Menuhin: 80th Birthday Edition) CHS 5 65964 2

CD: Naxos Historical (Great Violinists: Menuhin) 8.111135

10 Recorded 18 & 19 May 1934 11 (Paris, France)

12 [Première recording of complete concerto. Cadenza by Emile Sauret]


The parts of the entry are:

1 Soloist (instrumentation in parentheses).

2 Orchestra, instrumental ensemble, or accompanist.

3 Conductor.

4 Recording medium: 78 (78 rpm records), LP (33 1/3 rpm long playing records), 45 (45 rpm records) and CD (compact discs). Unless otherwise stated, all 78s and LPs are twelve-inch discs. Ten-inch 78s & LPs are indicated by 10" in parentheses. The number of discs in multi-disc sets is indicated in parentheses (‘set’ being used when the number is not known). Digital versatile discs, VHS videos and laserdiscs are indicated by DVD, VHS and LD respectively.

5 Record label or manufacturer. Labels are listed alphabetically in instances when a recording is available on more than one label.

6 Catalogue number. Mono and stereo pressings are indicated by ‘(m)’ and ‘(s)’ respectively.

7 Noteworthy information about record or pressing.

8 Record label series.

9 Record/album title.

10 Recording date.

11 Recording location.

12 Noteworthy information about recording or performance.



In order to make the best use of this discography it is advisable to follow certain rules. For example, say you are trying to locate Ruggiero Ricci's recording of the 24 Caprices made on Il Cannone. Firstly, click on the relevant instrumental section hyperlink: this would be Solo Violin 1. Secondly, click on the relevant composition title hyperlink: this would be 24 Caprices: Recorded complete. Thirdly, carefully scroll through the listed recordings (arranged alphabetically by the soloist's surname) untill you come to the first of Ricci's several recordings of the 24 Caprices (LP: Decca LK 4025, etc.). Finally, carefully scroll through the recordings until the desired one is arrived at (CD: Biddulph LAW 016, etc.). Alternatively, after clicking on the relevant instrumental section hyperlink, use your web-browser's 'find' or 'search' function to locate 'Ricci' (ensuring that the spelling is correct!) and proceed from there. I apologise, by the way, about the pop-ups ads; I aim to sort this out but, in the meantime, please don't let the ads discourage you from using the discography. If you experience problems using my site, or cannot locate a particular recording, then please e-mail me at purfleet@hotmail.com (Peter Snedden) and I will attempt to answer your query.



The following have proved invaluable sources of reference and information during the production of this discography.



Special thanks (in no particular order) to all those who helped, or assisted, in the production of this discography: Dr Stefano Olcese (Dynamic srl, Italy), George Melvin (The Music Shop, Glasgow, Scotland), Casa Records (Glasgow, Scotland), Harold Moores (Harold Moores Records, London, England), Gramex (London, England), Caruso & Co (London, England), Record Company Mail Order (Lewes, England), Albert D. ten Brink (A Classical Record, New York, USA), Dave Canfield (Ars Antiqua, Ellettsville, USA), Peter Fulop (Mikrokosmos, Toronto, Canada), Jim Eukey (Recycled Music, Milwaukee, USA), Parnasus Records (Saugerties, USA), the staff of the Mitchell Library (Glasgow, Scotland), the staff of Manchester Central Library (Manchester, England), Stanley Brylawski (Library of Congress, Washington DC), Anna Rita Certo (Comune di Genova), Gale Andrews, Antonio Bonacchi, Bob Bremer, Mattias Eklund, Hugh Ferguson, Peter François, Paul Geffen, Raymond Glaspole, Regina Imatdinova (Art of the Violin Foundation, Moscow), Michael Jelden, Andrej Kluge, Professor Gianluca La Villa, Valery Leen, Marco Perrando, Tully Potter, Jay Shulman, Jeffrey Wall, Eric Wen and Boris Zindels. Thanks also to Ruggiero Ricci, Salvatore Accardo and other maestros whose performances of, and dedication to, Paganini's music inspired this discography.


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In a work of this magnitude errors and omissions are inevitable. Please e-mail suggestions, criticisms and comments to purfleet@hotmail.com (Peter Snedden) – I look forward to hearing from you!


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Dr Peter Snedden (PhD, MSc, BSc Honours) is a research chemist and was educated at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. He lives in Scotland and his interests include horse riding, gramophone records, soundtrack music and cinema.


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