V i o l i n   a n d   B a s s o o n



3 Concertante duets for violin and bassoon, M.S. 130 (recorded complete)


Accardo, Salvatore (violin) / Gonella, Claudio (bassoon)

CD: Dynamic CDS 184 [Italian issue]

CD (10): Dynamic (Complete Chamber Music) CDS 553/1–10 [Italian issue]

CD (9): Dynamic CDS 715 [Italian issue]

Recorded March 1997 (Genoa, Italy)

[Première recording]


Apollo Ensemble: Oltheten, Daphne (violin) / Oltheten, Thomas (bassoon)

CD: Centaur Records CRC 3461 [US Issue]

Recorded January 2015 (Doopsgezinde Kerk, Zwolle, The Netherlands)


Eret, Pavel (violin) / Leblois, Franck (bassoon)

CD: Calliope Records (Paganini L'insolite) CAL 1206

Recorded 21–23 March 2011 (Chateau de Lignieres-Sonneville, France)



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